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Are you looking to buy a new or used car in Kenya? You are not alone. The appetite to drive cars in Kenya is growing by the day. Statistics reveal that by 2018, Kenya imported cars worth $518M, ranking at number 81 worldwide.

While many Kenyans are working hard to be on the road with their dream car – or rather the car they can afford – it can be a hassle for first-time buyers.

Mike’s Dream to Own a Car

Take for instance the case of Mike, who has been having fantasies of driving a “Mercedes Benz E-250, 2014 edition. Like many Kenyans, Mike has worked hard, and he has managed to save enough to drive his own car.

Although Mike has the money, it soon dawns on him that getting his first car won’t be as straightforward as he had anticipated.

He doesn’t know where to begin. Particularly because he wants a cheaper option, let’s say a second-hand model or new imported model.

When he thinks about it, he feels like giving up entirely to take the easy route. He could head over to OLX, browse through eye-catching ads, and engage the seller once he spots an enticing deal. While this route can be straightforward, Mike might not be pleased with the car he end up with.

If he is smart enough not to be conned on platforms like OLX (We love OLX, BTW!), there is no guarantee he will get a car that’s is in great condition.  A few months on the road, and the engine fails.

Now, to avoid all that hassle, Mike can simply visit a car Showroom.  Should he take this route,  the next car that Mike drives will entirely depend on which Showroom he decides to visit.

Buy a New or Used Car in Kenya

At G-ride Car Bazaar, we offload you the stress of having to find your car of choice. Whether you want to import a car in Kenya from outside the country or buy a used car locally – G-rides will bridge that gap.  We have partnered with different manufacturing firms to bring you quality, affordable cars.

We handle everything for you, including all the paperwork. See our importation page, for more details.

Also, browse our catalogue of products to find a model of your choice.  We add new cars every day.

Our Facebook page is thriving too, and we advertise new cars on the platform every day. Also, you can check out our blog section for insights about the auto mobile industry.

If you have plans of selling your car, you can use G-rides as an advertisement platform. Simply register as seller to advertise your car with G-rides Car Bazaar.

Apart from selling cars, we also deal with rental and property sales. If you are looking to rent property or sell one, G-rides will make the process smooth for you.